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Loading Spouts

Loading Spouts are high-performance material handling units that are widely used in industries such as mining, construction, agriculture, and many more to ensure the safe and efficient loading of materials in bulk. Get these machines in different variants as per their capacities and power ratings. 

Screw Conveyor

Modern enterprises depend heavily on screw conveyors to speed the conveyance of materials and the production process. They are essential components in material handling applications across a range of industries thanks to their versatility, dependability, and effectiveness.


Loading Bellows

Loading Bellows are essential to contemporary material handling because they make it possible to move bulk items safely, efficiently, and without creating any dust. They are a useful tool for businesses aiming for operational efficiency, safety, and sustainability because of their versatility and focus on minimizing environmental effects.

Dust Collector Bag And Filters

You have come to the proper spot if you require new dust collecting system installation, improved filters, or replacement bags. Our Dust Collector Bag And Filters are essential for extending the life of your dust collector in addition to improving air quality by capturing dangerous particles.


Rotary Air Lock Valve

Our company offers a robust and sturdy Rotary Air Lock Valve that can be used in materials conveying machines to control the rate of flow of materials of various forms such as pellets, powders, and granules. These units are installed with reliable air control mechanisms to prevent air from escaping and entering the system.

Bag Filter System

The capacity of bag filter systems to withstand large gas flow rates while maintaining minimal pressure dips, resulting in energy-efficient operations, is one of its key advantages. Additionally, they have superior dust-capturing skills that aid enterprises in adhering to strict environmental standards and protecting workers' health.

AirSlide Fabric

AirSlide Fabrics are made for handling large materials in industrial environments. These materials have been cleverly designed with a particular porous structure that allows air to pass through them, generating a low-friction surface enabling the simple movement of powdered or granular components.

Ci Non Return Valves

Ci Non Return Valves are crucial parts of fluid control systems that let fluid flow in one direction while stopping it from going the other way. These valves are extensively utilized in a variety of industries and applications because they provide pipe systems with dependable and efficient performance.

Fluidizing Pad

Innovatively designed components called fluidizing pads use compressed air to impart a fluid-like motion to the stored substance. This particular action promotes smooth, regular discharge by dissolving clumps, preventing bridging and rat-holing, and breaking them up.

Bin Aerator

The purpose of bin aerators is to improve the effectiveness and functioning of waste management systems. They are creative and useful technologies. These tools are designed expressly to address the issues that frequently arise while composting and storing garbage in containers.

Silicon Dome Seals

Silicon Dome Seals are elastic sealants that are designed for medium to high-pressure systems to prevent leakages. Get these synthetic seals in large quantities with the assurance of fast and safe delivery. 

Filter Bag Cage

Our filter bag cages are made from premium materials that provide remarkable resistance to wear and corrosion, assuring durability and dependable performance in challenging conditions. By avoiding collapse or distortion during the filtering operations, its robust architecture helps maintain the integrity of the filter bags.

Unloading Spout

We are a renowned name that offers premium-grade Unloading Spout machines used to unload materials in bulk from tankers and trucks. These material handling systems can be used in various industrial sectors which include food, agriculture, chemical, and many more.

MS Fluidizing Pads

MS Fluidizing Pads are robust components that are commonly used in material handling systems to control the flow rate of powdered, granules, and bulk solids. These devices are manufactured by using top-grade alloyed steel and cast iron that provides high strength and rigidity to bear extreme industrial conditions. 

Knife Gate Valve

Our company offers robust and sturdy knife gate valve products that are in high demand within industrial and commercial flow systems to control flow rates. The offered valves can be delivered to our clients in large quantities with an assurance of fast and safe delivery at a reasonable price.


Pug Mill

Our pug mills are long-lasting and smooth-running because of their accuracy and durability-focused engineering. Choose models with cutting-edge safety features, simple-to-use controls, and effective mixing mechanisms to make your pottery projects both successful and entertaining.

General Products

The smooth attachment of shafts, rods, or pipes is made possible by our coupling sleeves. They are compatible with a wide range of applications and industries because of their varied sizes and materials. They are expertly built and made with the highest quality materials, ensuring outstanding performance and durability.

Poppet Valve

Poppet valves are essential parts of fluid and mechanical engineering. These valves, which are classified as mechanical control valves, are essential for controlling the flow of liquids or gases inside various machines and equipment.


Micron Filter

Micron filters are essential for keeping the integrity of production processes in the industrial sector. They efficiently rid liquids and gases of impurities like dust, silt, and rust, assuring peak performance and extending the life of machinery and equipment.